Thirty-Four members shared stories about their organization or project at the video portrait booth at 2016 Common Field Convening Miami.
A working list of resources--practical and value-driven, for the field of artists organizations.
"What is an Art Basel: Criticality and Criticism in Miami All Year Round" by Monica Uszerowicz
"The Dual Power of Arts Organizations" by Joshua Simon
"Let it Decay" by Christopher Kennedy
"How many sides are there? A Meditation on The Many Headed Janus of Gentrification" by Dana Bassett
"The Spaces of Gentrification" by Michael R. Allen
"To dale! or calmate … A heartfelt attempt at intellectually engaging the idea of speed in relation to Miami" by Rob Goyanes
Field Grants invite two or more Common Field members to apply for support for production or research-based organizing projects.
Common Field partners with organizations to host meet-ups in cities across the US, exploring the needs of our field and growing the network.
This is an evolving list of resources for organizers in the field.
This is a working bibliography of readings related to our field.