Common Field is building an organization that supports the pluralities and multiplicities of perspectives in the field, reflecting geographic, generational, identity, institutional, and experiential diversity. Common Field is developing an operating structure that can enable flexibility, feedback, responsiveness, rotating teams, and broad participation from the field and its friends. We collaborate with our Founding Members and general members on projects and productions that develop and support the field.

In 2017, we are exploring legal structures to ensure basic stability and continuity for the organization. Our goal this year is to broaden involvement and grassroots engagement from our field, and to develop clear and sound frameworks for inclusion, participation, and transition as we grow and evolve.

Common Field is organized by a staff that includes a Director that organize, navigate, and lead Common FIeld's operations and programs. A part time Membership and Media Manager holds down media updates and administrations. 

Council members (13 members) provide insight and support for Common Field activities.

Teams of Staff, Council, Founding Members, Members and Partners work together on Programs (Convening, Membership, Research, Website) and Operations (Communications, Governance, Finance, Fundraising).